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Jazz Vespers

 Jazz Vespers 2017:  September 17th; October 15th;  November 19th;  December 17th.




Welcome to a jazz-filled hour of spiritual nourishment, relaxation, rejuvenation, rejoicing, meditation and inspiration



Jazz Vespers is a synthesis of several traditions, each finding a unifying voice through the unique musical heritage that we call jazz. The makers of jazz develop consummate technical achievement as both composers and performers. The virtuosity of the performers is not an end unto itself. The musical tradition is about the task of giving voice to the hopes, dreams, frustrations and pain that expresses human experience.  Jazz is the musical incense that collects and carries the prayers of a people.  Numerous jazz composers have secured a place for this art form within the living tradition of the church, including Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, Wynton Marsalis, and Pat Metheny. 



 St. Saviour’s is happy to host Jazz Vespers, but offerings are gratefully received.

Your contribution goes to pay band members and offset costs

Please leave your donation in the basket at the back of the Church before you leave.

If you would like to receive a tax receipt, please use one of the donation envelopes provided in the pews.

Thank you for your generous support!