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Book Studies and Bible Studies

Our educational programming at St Saviour's is built on a pattern of alternating between a book study and a Bible Study. We meet primarily online, on Zoom. Our goal is to enrich our faith and to develop a deeper appreciation for the ways the scriptures and the traditions of the church lead us into lives of holiness, seeking justice and peace in the world.

For access to the Zoom meeting click the button.

Resources we've look at over the past few years can be found below.


  • [BOOK] Freeing Jesus   Diana Butler Bass

  • [BOOK] Reconciliation   Muthuraj Swamy

  • [BIBLE] James


  • [BOOK] The Cross and the Lynching Tree   James Cone

  • [BIBLE] Jonah

  • [BOOK] Things Hidden   Richard Rohr

  • [BIBLE] The Royal Priest   The Bible Project

  • [VIDEO] Unhoused: Living in the Shadows   South Okanagan Lived Experience Group


  • [BOOK] 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act   Bob Joseph

  • [COURSE] Indigenous Canada   University of Alberta

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