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Gift  Catalogue

St Saviour's Gift

St Saviour's Church provides an important series of ministries to the community of Penticton and beyond. Our mission is to Worship, Grow, and Love in Christ. Sustaining these ministries can be expensive, however. While we can't guarantee a target location for donated funds, if you make a donation to St Saviour's, here are some ideas of the impact your gift can have.


— $80 —

Organ Music

$80 will cover the honorarium for our wonderfully skilled and incredibly hard-working organists for one week throughout the year.

— $400 —

Music Licenses

$400 will cover the cost of music licenses which allow us to make use of vast libraries of some of the best contemporary hymnody available to us, both in-person and streaming online for one year.

— $250 —

Jazz Vespers Musicians

$250 will cover the honoraria for 5 Jazz Vespers musicians for one service.

— $1,000 —

Organ Maintenance

$1,000 will cover the cost of general maintenance and upkeep to the pipe organ, an historic component of Anglican worship and a heritage piece within the city of Penticton.

— $400 —

Church Supplies

$400 will cover the cost of the physical elements that the church needs to purchase for celebrations of the Eucharist (wine and bread) for a whole year.


— $50 —


$50 will cover the cost of everyone’s favourite cup of coffee or tea during our social hour following service on Sunday mornings.

— $500 —


$500 will cover approximately 2 weeks worth of security patrols which we
rely on to keep those who frequent the premises of the church building

— $200 —

Garden Expenses

$200 will cover the annual expenses for maintaining the beautiful garden
on the Winnipeg Street side of the church, including the rose garden.

— $2,500 —

AV Stream

$2,500 will match the initial grant St Saviour’s received in order to provide a live stream of our Sunday services and other church events. This represents approximately 1/10th of the total cost of the new AV system which will allow us to connect with our parish family near and far.

— $250 —

Adult Education

$250 will cover the allotted amount that goes towards providing formative
educational programs through the year including curricula and supplies.


— $10 —

Christmas Hampers

$100 will cover the cost of a Christmas hamper. This year 26% of Canadians
are expected to access the non-profit sector in order to meet their basic
needs. This is one way St Saviour’s can help.

— $500 —

Support Groups

$500 is the approximate amount St Saviour’s sponsors each month to
house four different support groups which meet on a weekly basis at the

— $100 —

Emergency Outreach

$100 will cover the budgeted amount set aside each month for special
support of those in times of special financial need in the community.

— $1,200 —

Soupateria Support

$1,200 will cover the portion of the Soupateria expenses St Saviour’s carries as part of its commitment to ensuring food security within the City of Penticton.

— $150 —

Refugee Resettlement

$150 will cover a week’s worth of coordinating work our priest carries out as part of his duties to the wider church, in this case, coordinating refugee resettlement across the Interior of British Columbia.


— $25 —

Clergy Mileage

$25 will cover the budgeted mileage for our priest to move around the city
visiting parishioners in their homes or in hospital, etc.

— $1200 —

Clergy Coverage

$1200 will enable the parish to bring in guest preachers and presiders when
the priest is away, either for vacation time or for continuing education
events that fall on a Sunday.

— $500 —

Clergy Workshops

$500 will cover the amount the parish has committed to ensuring our
clergy are able to engage in new and innovative conversations about the
life of the church.

— $1,375 —

Priestly Ministry

$1,375 will cover the work of our priest in the community for one week of
the year.

— $625 —

Diocese of Kootenay

$625 will cover the cost of one week’s contribution to the life of the wider
church to which we belong as Anglicans.

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