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What is Worship at St Saviour's?

Worship at St Saviour's encompasses not just what we do in church on a Sunday morning, but everything we do that's oriented directly to God. This includes our monthly Jazz Vespers, our weekly Centering Prayer, special prayer events, and Hymn Sings.


Sunday Services

St Saviour's worships together every Sunday morning at 10am with a celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The feel of the service varies from season to season through the year as we follow the ancient rhythms of the church calendar.

Online Worship

Every week our services at St Saviour's are streamed live to YouTube. You can follow along with our pre-formatted at-home bulletin by downloading it below.

Order of Service

YouTube Channel


Centering Prayer

Centering prayer takes place every week from the comfort of your own home. Members pray together in silence on Zoom. This is a method of silent prayer with Jesus which helps us to know and receive His love for us, and learn what, as Christians, we are to do in our daily life. For Zoom access please contact the church office.

Wooden Piano

Jazz Vespers

Jazz Vespers is one of our most beloved offerings at St Saviour's Church. Started in the early 2000s in Summerland, it eventually made its way down to Penticton where St Saviour's has hosted it for a number of years.

Jazz Vespers takes place between October and April, on the third Sunday of every month at 4pm.

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